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On The Bridge is an historical novel written by Edwin Morris, who resides in Tasmania’s Huon Valley.

The story is set 2500 years ago in young Rome.  It is all about an account described by Historians Titus Livius, Plutarch and Dionysius, who describe a brave and fascinating event that took place on a long and narrow bridge that crossed the Tiber River.

On one side of the river was Rome, on the other - Etrusca.  On the far end of the bridge, Roman soldiers kept watch, monitoring trade between the two nations.  The Etruscan leader Lars Porsena had ambitions to overcome the guards and, crossing quickly to the Roman end of the bridge, take Rome.

The day arrived and around a low hill came the army, moving quickly.  The Roman guards panicked.  What follows is a truly amazing act of self-sacrifice and loyalty.

Edwin has captured within the lead up to the event some beautiful old fashioned values such as are rarely seen in our self-seeking world of today.

Actor John Andrews writes; Edwin Morris’s story provides us with not only a hero upholding basic values, but suggesting that there may be other things we have forgotten about and need to rediscover.  To paraphrase Thomas Jefferson “The price of liberty is eternal vigilance”.

Steve Ashton comments, “It is a story that reflects on the moral and ever changing world where society has forgotten tradition and the sense of true justice which is what has happened in our world today.  ‘On The Bridge’ contains many stories and messages within a story, some of the ideas within the story have been sadly forgotten today.  Some of the ideas may even cause argument in today’s world.  It is what it is, an account of good confronting evil head on, and a belief that good can prevail…

I believe that with the right people behind this, it would be a great film, capturing the classic love story, to an action film.  It would make this, with all Edwin’s ethical tone left in, quite inspirational.  To me it is one man on the bridge fighting an entire army.  That in itself is a film worth seeing, that amazingly is not based on make believe.”

Radio personality Carolyne Milne writes, “In today’s world of turmoil, Horatius’ tale gives hope and reason not to give up when you think all is lost. The message is clear.  If we stick together, believe in one another and have faith, we can achieve almost anything.

Edwin has clearly delivered to the reader a novel of high standard.  On the Bridge is compelling.  It is written in layman’s terms and can be read on any level.  It’s clever, has a strong moral message and is thought provoking.

If you would like to sink your teeth into a good novel – read On the Bridge.  It is an old tale, but told here with a new vigour and interest, especially when considering the world as it is today.

On the Bridge began as a song on Edwin’s album “Let’s Make the World a Better Place”.  The song is brilliant, the album is a credit, and the book rewarding.   I’m anticipating the next step, a film of this amazing story.”

Dr David Mitchell, a well-respected Hobart Barrister (retired) who has written several published book and Journal articles himself, writes, “I have read your short historical novel “On the Bridge” with delight and satisfaction.  I have found the story itself quite gripping throughout.  The historical perspective has added to the story and there is much instruction in loyalty, commitment and morality…” 

One thing I would add is that the complex and suspense filled lead up to the main event, made it difficult to put the book down.

On The Bridgeby Edwin Morris is available on Kindle.


Reviews for 'Lets Make The World A Better Place'


'As the title suggests, 'Let's make The World A Better Place' is a collection of songs that offer hope and a gentle calling through wise eyes, a soft heart and a strong, yet passive voice that knowingly tells of an achievable view of a peaceful world.
By presenting a near conceptual premise that laments modern life long lost to the madness of technology, corrupt social and family morals, and the environmental decline of our planet, Edwin Morris retains a positive outlook through the observant use of straightforward paradigms.
Using the basic craft of country-folk music as a foundation, it's by then extending these two oft-simplistic genres to include catchy hints of 'sixties pop', Good old Days, and a song that sits on the cusp of a familiar Beatles tune, what can You Do, that adds further interest. while songs such as On The Bridge takes on the edgy narrative styling of Redgum and Ghostwriters, and Past, Present And Future skirts closer towards neo-punk territory. All up, with twenty-two songs that clock in at just under eighty minutes, it's by engaging such variety, together with Morris' plucky sense of wording, and conviction and adept musicianship from all involved, that makes this album a worthy addition for all those who believe that a unified world is possible through the power of love and music.'

db Magazine reviewer Steve Jones


"I play Edwin's CD, "Let's Make The World A Better Place" quite often, both at my venue and on the radio. It reflects the personality of the man who wrote and sings these meaningful songs. The audience laps up every word."
Helen Lindsay - Hobart FM personality

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